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High Mountain Skull Cleaning - Professional Quality Skull Cleaning Services Provided Worldwide by Wade Johnson.

High Mtn Skull Cleaning

North American Trophies


African Trophies

 Small Game: Bobcat, Badger, Wolverine, etc 90.00    Baboon 90.00
 Deer 95.00    Leopard 100.00
 Antelope 100.00    Lion, Warthog 140.00
 Black Bear, Mountain Lion 95.00    Cape Buffalo 175.00
 Brown Bear 150.00    Hippo 300.00
 Elk 150.00    Alligator, Crocodile 200.00
 Moose 200.00    Small Jaws 20.00
 Buffalo 150.00    Large Jaws 30.00
 Steer   * Depends on Size 150 -  * 200    Skull Caps Call for Price
 Musk Ox Skull Cap 150.00 * Please call for species not listed or more information

(406) 691 3450

 Musk Ox Skull 200.00


We are equipped to handle most any skull.  The list above is just a random sampling of the many species that we clean on a daily basis.  We gladly accept any species and will transform them into an artistic conversation piece.

  Please don't hesitate to call for pricing on species not listed above.

We Offer Substantial Discounts for Taxidermists

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